4 Suggestions for Closing More Sales in 2021

Nowadays in the technology-led society, buyers are doing their research into the product and services they are considering before they reach a sales person. It means that sales people need to adapt their approach to closing sales. 

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1.Practice makes perfect

It seems obvoius starting with this concept, but neve runderestimate the power of practice. Every time you experience a selling situation, if you close the dealer or not, you should evaluate what you did. In fact, you can learn a lot of things from each sale you make or lose. It isn’t importan how many years you have been in business. Just like the society changes, so deas the way everyone sells. Keep learning what your weakness and strengths are and adapt and change your approach to close more sales. 

2.Be prepared to Invest

Your sales team is as good as you provide them with. Investing in technologies that will help them in the sales processand in training that will help improve their skills. It will also show you a return in the form of more, higher value sales being closed. 

3.Use incentives to Drive the Right Behaviours

Examples of incentives are commission and target driven bonuses. They are a common way to boost the efforts of sales team. A well done incentive plan considers what drives your sales people and also what behaviours they need to focus on. It will drive them in the good direction and increase their performance. You could find out that different people are driven by different motives. For this reason it’s important to consider creating unique incentives for different groups. Alternatively, create unique incentives for for different individuals to get out the most quality of sales person. 

4.Take more time to Listen to the Client

If you are nervous and tend to speed talk your way to sales pitch instantly or so confident that you dive straight in without a second thought, you could be missing out on vital information on the prospect. Most of sales people are worried or scared to leaving a silent moment during a pitch with a client. But if there is a little moment of silence, doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. Leaving a gap to the client to process what has already been said and talk themselves is important. It will result for them like an occasion to bring up any concerns they have or challenges they are facing. Listening to the client’s needs allows you in two ways. First, to come in and tell them how your products or services will help them to overcome those challenges. Last but not least, it will allow you to quash their concerns. Sales people faces everyday more and more challenges since the society and technologies evolve. Embracing all the changes and actively working to overcome the new challeges will sure make your team indestructible. At the same time it will help you smash your sales targets for 2015 and beyond.  

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