Trends in contact center world

Based on Josh O’Farrell, who is a Technical Content Writer at Spearline, we will try to explain to you all the aspects of trends in the call center world. First, you need to understand that there are a lot of trends that are changing and it might be frustrating. The reason why it can be confusing is that when you start using one, it can evolve into something much better. Down below, you can find some explained current trends in the contact center industry. Josh O’Farell is trying to predict how things may change.

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AR and vr

Nowadays, we have VR – virtual reality, that helps customers to experience all the services. With time, VR will evolve, and we will be able to use AR – augmented reality, which will help customers not only to experience the services but also they will be able to show what are the issues. Also, AR will allow for support agents to diagnose the troubles and find solutions that will turn on via the voice channel.

Problems with too much data

These days companies are trying to analyze their customer needs. They are collecting way too much data from all kinds of surveys, social media, web analytics, etc. With so much data, companies will soon be overwhelmed with all their customers’ needs and behaviors.
It is fundamental to find out and analyze the information that you have very well.

Chatbots and self-service

Probably most of you already saw pop – up bubbles that are asking if you need some help while you are scrolling the website. Usually, you can see those pop – up bubbles with an icon or profile picture.
Those pop – up bubbles are chatbots, and it means that actual live agent is becoming more and more seamless every day.
Chatbots and Self – Service is much faster, more comfortable, and gives more experience for the customer. Also, it is helping to gain more revenue for the business.

Problems with too much data

We can guess that you already heard about Omnichannel, but let you remind. Omnichannel is known as a multichannel customer service strategy that can offer an excellent atmosphere for customers; it is straightforward to understand and access. Call center managers can control all interactions. It is one of the easiest ways to give a customer’s online communication.


Teleworking, e-working and remote working are becoming more and more popular. It will be the future and very efficient way of working in the customer center.
It is so popular, because it is more flexible, has access to skilled staff and employee satisfaction. There is one object that will always be important in the customer center. Clients’ calls need to be connected, problems, and conversations have to hear. So whatever changes will be in the industry, this will stay one of the most important things.

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