Why is market research necessary?

Before we try to understand why market research is necessary, first, we must understand what it actually is. As cheesy as it sounds, it is actually very important to understand the core meaning of what market research stands for; because it is way more than just a simple Google definition.

What is market research?

Simply put, Market Research is the process of gathering, understanding and analyzing information about a market. This includes a particular product or service that would be introduced to the market or already existing goods. Furthermore, this process requires us to dig deeper to better understand and/or predict the sales potential in that market.

It should also include the potential customers, new or already existing and goes deeper to find their spending patterns and habits, always keeping in mind what are the needs of your customers or potential customers. Lastly, knowing your target market and getting to know that industry as a whole. It is always beneficial to know about the competition you might be facing, which already makes the competition to loosen up.

Market research brings a ton of advantages to your company. Therefore, investing in it is a great idea, it proves to be more beneficial than secondary market research. Which means, you collect data from existing market researches done for your industry. Although, it might prove to be handy and convenient but the source of information and the information may not be that valid or might not apply to your business traditions and ways.

Following are the critical benefits your company would gain through market research:

  • Potential customers (understanding who your next customer may be)
  • Existing customer (making them feel heard and satisfying their wants)
  • New strategies & current challenges (pretty self-explanatory)
  • Setting realistic goals (we should shoot for the stars but realistically)

These are just a few of the many benefits you can achieve with conducting proper market research. Moreover, it depends on how greatly you use these benefits for the success of your company. Making the most out of it would prove to be beneficial in ways one could only imagine and would put you at least two steps ahead of your competition.

Happy customer, happy life

Good market research will let you know about how happy your customers are and what updates or future expectations they may be expecting from you. Often companies ignore the wants and needs of the customers, who actually made it possible for them to reach their goals. Regardless, the top-class companies are always open for feedback and will listen to their loyal customers like no one else.

It is almost as simple as listening to your customers and letting them know they have been heard, resulting in long-term loyalty.

A market research helps you determine and predict the ways your competitor will approach and according to that you can strategize your next move carefully. How much to spend on promotion, where to promote, what would be the best price, which target audience all of these strategies can be assisted by proper market research. Moreover, you would already know the likes and dislikes of your customers, accordingly you could plan your approach and prepare your tools.

Furthermore, not only does it help you strategize towards the market, it also helps you correct your strategies within your business. With proper market research, you might stumble upon challenges within your own company. This could include departments that you have been investing a lot into or pressurizing, which do not even affect the market significantly. You might also discover some unnecessary steps that you might be taking in production or in other departments, which could help you cut down costs.

Last but not least, it helps you acknowledge newer opportunities. Markets or opportunities you would have not thought of approaching or hitting in the near future, could seem very well interesting now. Moreover, they may even seem like the next big project that you want to dive right into.

Market research is very vital for your own company. Although, there are tons of market research already available and done for different sectors. It could prove to be useful but it is very arguable how beneficial it could be for your particular company. Market researches done on a general level are ofteen not very beneficial compared to personalized market research.

Author: Syed Bukhari

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